80 years of history

The Buckingham golf course was first inaugurated in 1933 with a 9 hole layout.

Originally a private Club owned by a local industry that had created the club as a meeting place for the employees in order to provide them with a recreation area outside of working hours. It took some years before the Club was opened to the public. Yet, the family atmosphere of this place remains the same.

In 1987, the course was enlarged and doubled in size - from nine holes to 18 holes. Eight original holes were reconfigured: the first became the tenth, the second became the eleventh, the third became the eighth, the fourth became the ninth, the sixth became the second, the seventh was eliminated, the eighth became the seventeenth, and the ninth became the eighteenth. The latter hole is not really difficult, but it offers a spectacular view on the pavilion and the natural beauty of the area.